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NingXia Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd,a company located in China, has developed new materials for many years. From established in 1973 by now, our company has provided dedicated service to customers over 40 years .  Ceramic armor is a focus of our advanced products.        

We have now completed a protection system based on our Silicon Carbide ceramic research and finished product development. Manufacturing, marketing and sales have started. Our fully integrated production line starting from our own powder, processing and sintering all the way up to bullet-proof finished products is very unique in China right now.

Except products of silicon carbide by pressureless sintering, we are the first one in China who has accomplished the manufacturing of boron carbide by pressureless sintering starting from manufacture of powder to armor plates and provided the armor plates to customers all over the world.Our company has been the biggest supplier of it in China by now.        


Silicon carbide as well as boron carbide by pressureless sintering products which include: powder、premix powder、armor plates of sorts of size、plate of single curve、plate of muti curves.        


Protection systems for personal safety and various armor protection fields.        


Our products reach the level of international standards including NIJ, HOSDB/CAST,Technische Richtlinie,VPAM and Stanag 2920 etc.        

Import and export quality certification        

Quality of our products are certified by ISO 9001-2000 certification        


Silicon carbide powder for pressureless sintering:600t/year    

Silicon carbide premix powder for pressureless sintering:500t/year

Armor plates of silicon carbide by pressureless sintering:500t/year

Armor plates of boron carbide by pressureless sintering:300t/year        


By the abundant silicon carbide resources of China and our advanced research and manufacturing techniques,the quality of every piece of our products maintains high stability and is to be trusted.We have taken our products to worldwide export to provide customers with the highest performance-price ratio and attractive profit margins.


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